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Family And Medical Leave: Supreme Court Says Employer Who Fails To Give FMLA Notice Is Not Required To Grant More Than 12 Weeks Of Leave

A Labor Department rule provides that when an employer fails to notify an employee that leave qualifies under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, the time off does not count toward the 12 weeks per year the employee is entitled to under the FMLA. Federal courts have split over whether this regulation is valid—and […]

News Notes: Court Says Flu Was A Serious Health Condition Under FMLA

  A federal appeals court has ruled that an AT&T account representative who suffered from a bad case of the flu was entitled to FMLA leave because she was unable to work for more than three days and was treated twice. Kimberly Miller sued after she was disciplined and ultimately fired for excessive absenteeism. Although […]

Family And Medical Leave: Court Says Employers Must Notify Workers How “12-Month Period” For Leave Entitlement Will Be Calculated; 3 Practical Steps

Employees who qualify for federal family leave may take up to 12 workweeks of leave within a 12-month period. An employer may choose one of four methods to measure the 12-month timespan, such as a calendar year or a rolling 12-month period. Now, a new ruling from the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals demonstrates […]

Employee Leaves Of Absence: A Simple Explanation Of FMLA Requirements For Managers

Figuring out your obligations under the Family and Medical Leave Act can be tricky. But you can make compliance easier by educating your managers about the law’s basic requirements and some special rules under the California Family Rights Act. Here’s a checklist of basic facts and practical tips to help supervisors avoid the most common […]

News Notes: FMLA Leave Did Not Affect Employee’s Exempt Status

Doris Rowe, an exempt supervisor at Laidlaw Transit Inc., was restricted to part-time work after suffering an on-the-job injury. Laidlaw paid her by the hour while she was on the reduced schedule and resumed paying her salary when she returned to work full time. Rowe sued Laidlaw for back overtime, arguing that by paying her […]

News Notes: More Employers Having Difficulty Administering Family Leave

A new Department of Labor study reveals that employers are generally less positive about the Family and Medical Leave Act than their employees. Although a majority of employers reported that the FMLA is easy to administer, the figure dropped sharply from 85% in 1995 to 63% in 2000. More employers in 2000 than in 1995 […]

Family And Medical Leave: Managing Employees With Chronic Health Problems And Poor Attendance-Without Getting Sued

Habitually absent or late employees can cause big headaches, leading you to discipline or even terminate those who don’t improve. But an employer who fired a worker with peptic ulcers for poor attendance recently learned the importance of using caution before discharging someone who might be covered by the family leave laws.

Family And Medical Leave: How Much Notice Must Employees Give You? New Cases Shed Light On Two Common Problems

When the family leave laws were enacted, the issue of how much notice your employees must give before taking a leave seemed relatively simple. But it hasn’t turned out that way. Say, for example, your employee wants to change the dates of her family leave after you already made arrangements based on her earlier notice. […]