OT and Social Media—‘Please Sue Me’

Yesterday’s  Advisor featured Hunter “Please Sue Me” Lott on HR and wage/hour challenges. Today, his tips for a social media policy, one more wage/hour nightmare, and an introduction to the HR audit guide that helps you find problems before the feds do.

3 Things that Say, ‘Please Sue Me’

Still have exit interviews, probationary periods, and sick leave? asks popular speaker Hunter “Please Sue Me” Lott. If you have those, get rid of them, he says. The exit interview was invented by HR, Lott says, and it suggests that our philosophy is, “Let’s spend our time with the crummy employees.” Stop that, says Lott. […]

Perks, Insurance, and Atypical Benefits–How Do You Compare?

Beyond health insurance and retirement benefits (covered in previous surveys), the number one perk provided by the employers responding to our survey was paid holidays, with 91% percent of them offering it. Other highlights: Flextime is offered by 53% of respondents. About 33% relax their dress code in the summer, at least for some employees. […]

Court Clarifies Standards for Mixed-Motive Claims

“Mixed-motive” discrimination claims are among the most confusing kinds of employment cases. A mixed-motive bias claim occurs when an employee alleges that bias was one of the reasons that the employee was terminated or suffered some other kind of adverse employment action. In these cases, the employer asserts that there was a legitimate reason for […]

Employer’s Free Speech Rights Upheld

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion this week denying the application of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to have eight employees of the Santa Barbara News-Press, who were fired for engaging in union activity, reinstated.