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What We Learned From…Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week 2023

We’ve enjoyed a full week of online events and digital resources around recruiting and talent acquisition! As this year’s Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week comes to a close, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned from the event’s discussions and resources.


Panel Discussion | Optimizing Social Media for Your Hiring Leads

Panelists: Amir Cuffe, Senior Recruiter, Zillow Group, & Mark Hager, Recruiter

Key Takeaways: Social media job postings must resonate with candidates. If recruiters don’t communicate their message well, it’ll fall on deaf ears. In today’s online hiring market, interaction, engagement, and relationship-building with jobseekers is key to achieving success.

Be sure to check out the full panel discussion to learn social media recruiting strategies, best practices, and more!

A Seat at the Table Podcast | DEIB is About Progress Not Perfection

Join host and HR Daily Advisor editor, Bianca Herron, for the latest episode of the A Seat at the Table Podcast. Listen as SeekOut’s VP of People, Jennifer Armstrong-Owen, shares why understanding that progress is perfection, DEIB must be part of a company’s DNA, the importance of aligning values and company culture, as well as why leaders should get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and more.


Educational Session | 5 Talent Questions People Analytics Can Answer

Sponsor: Visier

Speakers: Carla Garcia Williams, Sr. Director of People Analytics Practice at Visier; Lydia Wu, Senior Director of People Strategy & Operations at Panasonic Energy North America; & Michael Salva, People Analytics Manager at Pitney Bowes

Key Takeaways: Analytics should be involved at the very start of the talent acquisition and retention process. Leaders can utilize information from performance review cycles, skills data, employee opinion surveys, and other anonymous feedback to better engage and encourage employees.

To learn how to best utilize your company’s data to discover hidden talent, be sure to watch the full educational session!

HR Works Podcast | Making the Most of a Hiring Slowdown

Tune in for an exciting episode of our award-winning podcast, HR Works, where host Josh Zygmont interviews Mark Hager, Senior Recruiter of Financial Advisor Recruitment at Edward Jones. Listen as the two discuss the challenges of the current job market and ways for talent acquisitions teams to use the downtime strategically, continuing to add unique value to their organizations.


Educational Session | How Employers Can Respond to Job Seeker Expectations

Sponsor: Employ

Speakers: Morgan Llewllyn, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist at Jobvite; Josh Jones, Talent Acquisition Leader at Employ; & Natasha Molina, Senior People Business Partner at Employ

Key Takeaways: While some industries find it challenging to attract high quality talent to fill open roles, others have seen widespread layoffs and job losses. Our expert speakers discuss new job market data, the latest hiring trends, and what candidates are expecting from employers.

Be sure to watch the full educational session to learn key recruiting strategies in today’s labor market.

Featured Article | The Pros and Cons of Recruiting with Facebook Ads

HR Daily Advisor guest contributor, Claire Swinarski, takes a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks at using paid advertisements on Facebook in your recruiting strategy.


Faces of HR Feature Interview | Lynee Luque, Chief People Officer (CPO) at NerdWallet

Key Takeaways: In this latest edition of the Faces of HR series, we meet Lynee Luque, Chief People Officer at NerdWallet. Since Luque joined NerdWallet’s leadership team, she helped double the company’s workforce. “When our recruiters explain our employee programs to prospective candidates, we see a lot of interest because they know that we’re walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We have impactful programs that set people up for success—like our leadership development and manager programs—that directly correlate to the talent we’ve been able to attract and retain.”


HR Work Break Podcast | Bare Minimum Mondays & Retention

Host Maddy Collins is joined by Karen Siegel, HR and Business Development Manager at Delta Hire. Tune in as they discuss “Bare Minimum Mondays,” burnout, how work/life balance improves retention, and more!

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