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How to Woo Top Talent with Social Media

Is social media still an effective way of recruiting employees in 2024? The answer, like so many human resources topics, depends on who you ask. While algorithms and changes to the Facebook ads mechanism have plummeted the viewership of many companies’ content, the fact remains that US adults still spend a ton of time on […]

Job Search Burnout Among the Jobless

In the current job market, job seekers often find themselves in a relentless cycle of applications, interviews, and rejections. This process, while necessary, can lead to a phenomenon increasingly recognized as job search burnout. This type of burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, diminished motivation, and a sense of frustration and cynicism about the job […]

Social Media and Candidate Assessment: Avoiding the Perils While Reaping the Potential

In the digital age, the lines between our personal and professional lives often blur, especially on social media platforms. For hiring managers and companies, these platforms present both opportunities and challenges. While social media platforms can yield valuable insights into potential candidates and serve as powerful branding tools, they also come with pitfalls that need […]

What We Learned From…Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week 2023

We’ve enjoyed a full week of online events and digital resources around recruiting and talent acquisition! As this year’s Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week comes to a close, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned from the event’s discussions and resources. Monday Panel Discussion | Optimizing Social Media for Your Hiring Leads Panelists: Amir Cuffe, Senior […]

The Pros and Cons of Recruiting with Facebook Ads

If you’re looking to hire a new employee, you’re probably posting your job opening in a variety of places. If you use social media as a recruitment tool, you may have noticed the platforms have become more “pay to play”—i.e., if you don’t put dollars behind your posts, they won’t be seen nearly as often […]

How Social Media is Changing the HR Landscape

Corporate HR duties were a little less hectic before social sites became a mainstay medium of communication. Now, there are dozens of major social media platforms that HR representatives need to keep tabs on to ensure employees are maintaining good conduct. Likewise, it’s a whole new window into learning about prospective new employees as a […]


A Case Study on Recruiting Using Facebook Messenger

Candidate communication is vital for jobseekers and recruiters alike. For candidates, consistent and informative communication offers them a better candidate experience, resulting in good reviews for your employer brand. And for recruiters, these communications help them better understand candidates, which allows them to find the role that suits candidates best.

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Tips for Using Social Media in Recruiting

Social media can be a simple and cost-effective way to connect with potential job candidates. Most employers today use social media in some capacity, but not all use it for recruiting. Let’s take a look at some tips for doing just that.


What Are Jobseekers Hiding on Social Media?

If you’re using social media to recruit jobseekers, be warned that these potential employees may be hiding things from you in order to seem like the ideal candidate.

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Using Social Media to Recruit Talent? You Might Be Doing It Wrong

Social media is great for connecting with friends and family, staying up to date on the latest news and trends, and potentially recruiting talent … if you’re using it correctly. When it comes to using social media in the hiring process, it’s best to know the audience you’re trying to recruit. Fortunately, we’ve got you […]