Tips for Using Social Media in Recruiting

Social media can be a simple and cost-effective way to connect with potential job candidates. Most employers today use social media in some capacity, but not all use it for recruiting. Let’s take a look at some tips for doing just that.

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Using Social Media in Recruiting: Do’s

Here are some tips:

  • If using social media as part of the background-screening process, consider using a third party to reduce the risk of finding information that should not be used in hiring. (That information will still be found; the third party simply won’t forward it to the hiring organization.)
  • Ensure that the employer’s social media profiles are kept current and complete and that they all reflect the organizational culture and vision. Pay attention to the employment brand consistency.
  • Have links in social media pages to direct people back to the employer’s job posts and career page. Be clear about how to apply for jobs.
  • Post widely about open jobs.
  • Interact with industry organizations on their social media pages.
  • Set up a specific feed for job posts if you have frequent vacancies to fill.
  • Utilize social media functions to allow quick access to the application process.
  • Ensure the individuals responsible for social media response are incredibly quick when responding to candidate inquiries.
  • Participate in groups related to the industry or related to products or services the organization is involved with.
  • Participate in groups online that are related to company values.
  • Use social media tools like hashtags to draw attention to the organization when appropriate.
  • Encourage employees to be active on social media. They may be able to forward job openings to their network, for example.
  • Share things on social media that highlight the organizational culture. This can help keep candidates who may be a good fit for future roles engaged.
  • Consider hosting online events via social media platforms to encourage candidate interaction with the organization. (If you use this option, troubleshoot the entire process, and do practice runs to ensure it goes smoothly. Test on multiple platforms and devices before going live.)
  • Consider using the various paid options offered by different social media platforms to host and/or boost a job post. This may include advertising or other specific job post functionality.
  • Ensure your social media pages are optimized to be found in search results.
  • Use social media platforms to seek out and proactively reach out to passive candidates.
  • Utilize the data analytics tools that social media sites provide to help tailor your posts to garner more interaction.

Using Social Media in Recruiting: Don’ts

Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Don’t let factors that are illegal influence the hiring decision. Religion, family medical history, and nationality are examples of information that may be discovered on social media if used for background screening.
  • Don’t sacrifice other platforms when using social media. It should complement, not replace, other options. (Be especially wary of only using platforms that have specific demographics that may exclude protected groups.)
  • Don’t ignore feedback and comments from people interacting with your social media page. Even customer/client comments reflect on the employment brand. If these types of comments come through to the hiring team, ensure those individuals know where to direct them and how to address them publicly.
  • Don’t forget to utilize several types of media. Share articles that highlight organizational accomplishments, make and share videos that relay organizational culture, etc.
  • Don’t forget to look outside the biggest social media platforms; they’re not the only place jobseekers are looking. There are many niche and smaller sites, as well as many that are focused specifically on connecting jobseekers with employers.

What other tips would you include? What has your experience been with social media and recruiting?

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