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Who’s Going Back to the Workplace?

Twitter. Google. Facebook. These three tech giants announced during the fairly early days of the pandemic that their employees were likely to retain the option of working from home indefinitely.


Gallup Flags 3 Trends That Will Change Our Workplaces—Forever

The “future of work” has been the topic of much conversation of late. It’s not surprising—after all, forewarned is forearmed. With that hunger for credible and actionable predictions in mind, Gallup has identified some “disruptive workplace trends” that employers should take heed of, and begin preparing for, sooner rather than later:

Bestie or Beastly Situation? Managing the Workplace BFF

Have you noticed? Some of your employees are pairing off, not necessarily in a romantic way, but as workplace besties. With work taking a huge chunk of peoples’ lives, many employees—especially Millennials—are making colleagues their office BFFs.

When Do You Start Looking for Another Job?

It may start with the alarm clock ringing a little too stridently one workday morning. Or, it could happen when you’re staring at another work assignment and failing to muster enthusiasm. Or, it’s the day you say to yourself, “I just can’t do this anymore.”