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Gamification and Learning Technology—A Training Win for the Digital-Savvy Workplace

In an article first appearing on HR.BLR.com®, Mike Broderick, cofounder and CEO of Turning Technologies, shared how the combination of gamification and learning technology can give every training program a boost. A leading innovator over 20 years in the group response industry, Broderick is a recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the […]

3 More Training Tips from World of Warcraft

Whether you’re a veteran gamer yourself, a Candy Crush dabbler, or you limit your gaming endeavors to the occasional round of Wii Golf, the following anecdotes may help talent management seem far more approachable. Don’t worry; no prior gaming experience is necessary. 4. Effective use of performance metrics, or “You need more experience points.” One […]

The Gamification of Training

Gamification can help engage learners in training and help them retain information, complete training, and keep their skills current, says Steve Sims, chief design officer for Badgeville and founder of its Behavior Lab. “Gamification” is the application of technology through games and other mechanisms to “tap into motivation and get people to do things,” he […]

Real-Life Learning Competitions for Young Learners

Deloitte, LLP, which was named “#1 Private Company for Leadership Development” by Chief Executive magazine early this year, sponsors a variety of competitions that provide learning opportunities for college students and bolster the firm’s recruiting efforts. In January, a team of University of Wisconsin students went up against eight finalist teams from other colleges and […]

Survey Says: Companies Plan to Invest More in Training

In addition to the 51 percent listed above, 35 percent of surveyed executives at companies that are facing a skills shortage acknowledge that they have not made a big enough investment in training in the past. The “Accenture 2013 Skills and Employment Trends Survey: Perspectives on Training” (www.accenture.com/SkillsGap) confirmed that the skills gap remains a […]

Gamification Drives Engagement in Leadership Program

The DLA (www.deloitte.la) is a fully digital executive training program used by more than 10,000 senior executives at over 150 companies worldwide, including all Deloitte partners in Australia and the United Kingdom and some in the United States, Mexico, China, and Russia, says James Sanders, DLA manager. The self-paced program, which is offered both to […]