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When CEOs Leave

Outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas has been tracking CEO departures since 2000. While the reports make for interesting reading, how much insight do they provide?

Teen Summer Job Outlook: Partly Sunny

As retailers continue to cut in-store workers, high school and college students will have to look elsewhere for summer jobs. This could bode well for companies with seasonal and part-time positions to fill.

Outlook Sunny for Teens’ Summer Job Prospects

Yesterday, we talked about job prospects for the most recent crop of college grads, and things are looking good in terms of both starting salaries and number of jobs available. But what about the outlook for their younger brothers and sisters looking to earn some money at summer jobs?

When Internships Lead to Employment

With roughly one-in-four employers recruiting entry-level workers from the pool of current and former interns, it is more important than ever for college and university students and recent graduates to perform well in these employment proving grounds, says a press release from Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Inc. Unfortunately, many of those involved in summer internship […]

Allowing Gambling at Work: A Good Bet or Bad Odds?

By Celeste Blackburn Are your employees gambling at work? With the Super Bowl and NCAA basketball tournaments coming up, it’s almost a sure bet that at least some employees are gambling on sports during company time, using company equipment. Sometimes, employees don’t wait for major sporting event to gamble, instead betting on the Oscars, American […]

Skyrocketing Gas Prices Affecting Employees–What Can You Do?

As gasoline prices soar into the stratosphere, millions of Americans are wondering how they can alter their commutes to work in hopes of driving less and lowering their cost of living. Employers can do their part to help employees beat the rising costs of commuting—and help the nation conserve natural resources—and many businesses are already […]

Age Bias: Cases on the Rise; Ways to Limit Liability and Reap the Benefits of a Seasoned Workforce

The American workforce is getting older, and age-bias complaints are prevalent. In 2003, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 19,124 age-discrimination claims and recovered $48.9 million in damages for age-bias victims. And big cases regularly hit the headlines. In July 2004, for example, Google, the California-based Internet search engine company, was sued for age bias […]