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4 Ways L&D Departments Are Becoming More Agile

This year and in the future, organizations across the globe will spend more on their L&D departments’ initiatives and technologies than ever before so that they can become more agile. In 2017 alone, global spending for L&D and training reached $362 billion.


Welcoming an Employee Back from Leave

Our jobs and careers are major parts of our lives. We spend a huge portion of our waking hours at work, and our careers are a significant source of our personal identity and self-worth. But our jobs do not define our lives, and for one reason or another, many employees take extended periods of time […]


4 Indications that Your AI-Driven Training Is Working

According to a recent survey, 55% of HR and L&D professionals feel that artificial intelligence (AI) will partially replace HR or L&D roles, while 19% reported that they think AI will completely overpower HR and L&D functions in the near future. And extensive research has shown that the proper implementation of AI in HR and […]

Danger Zone—Overly Rigid HR Policies

A business, like any organization, needs rules and policies to function properly, especially as it becomes larger and more sophisticated. These rules and policies form a kind of skeleton around which the rest of the business organism can operate. However, it’s dangerous to make HR policies too rigid, as this risks alienating and turning away […]

Are Midcareer Crises Hitting Your Midlife Employees?

We’ve all heard of the midlife crisis, during which middle-aged adults struggle with their mortality, identity, and self-confidence. It should be no surprise—considering how much time most of us spend focused on our careers—that many individuals struggle with a midcareer crisis, as well.