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Praise in Public; Criticize in Private

Most managers have probably heard the phrase “praise in public; criticize in private.” It simply means that when you have something positive to say about a team member, make sure others are aware of the praise, but if you are issuing a correction or reprimand, handle it one-on-one.


Updates When There Are No Updates

Most teams have some kind of standing, recurring meeting to touch base with staff and provide updates. These meetings are great venues for group managers to pass along information from the top of the company down.


An Evolving Workplace Needs an Evolving Workforce

As our world evolves with new technology and diverse people entering the workforce, companies must adapt their recruiting strategy to meet both talent and client demands. The competition for attracting top talent is fierce, but the values of the evolving workplace and workforce must be aligned because clients want a trusted adviser and long-term relationships, […]


4 Ways L&D Departments Are Becoming More Agile

This year and in the future, organizations across the globe will spend more on their L&D departments’ initiatives and technologies than ever before so that they can become more agile. In 2017 alone, global spending for L&D and training reached $362 billion.


Welcoming an Employee Back from Leave

Our jobs and careers are major parts of our lives. We spend a huge portion of our waking hours at work, and our careers are a significant source of our personal identity and self-worth. But our jobs do not define our lives, and for one reason or another, many employees take extended periods of time […]


4 Indications that Your AI-Driven Training Is Working

According to a recent survey, 55% of HR and L&D professionals feel that artificial intelligence (AI) will partially replace HR or L&D roles, while 19% reported that they think AI will completely overpower HR and L&D functions in the near future. And extensive research has shown that the proper implementation of AI in HR and […]