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Office Christmas Party–strategies to avoid the legal fallout

You may be wondering why I selected to write about a movie that is not yet in the theaters.  Truthfully, I do not need to see the movie to write about its relevance to HR issues. In fact, all that’s necessary is to read the title—Office Christmas Party. Yes, we are in Human Resources. What […]

Go Scrooge yourself: 5 biz holiday party tips

‘Tis the season for your company’s annual holiday party. And while the notion of drinking, eating and generally enjoying merriment with your coworkers, subordinates, and superiors may seem innocuous, it is anything but. What seems like a festive occasion during the most wonderful time of the year is, if sledded incorrectly, a mine field of […]

Plan a holiday party that makes merry and avoids ghosts of revelries past

Everybody’s heard the office party horror stories—some merrymakers get drunk, unfortunate comments are made, even more unfortunate outfits are worn, and sometimes somebody even gets hurt. It’s enough to make the human resources department want to retreat to the North Pole until mid-January.  Solutions to party woes do exist, however, and even if the party […]

How the boss stole Christmas

by Vanessa L. Goddard Many thanks to Dr. Seuss for the inspiration. Everyone down in HR-ville Liked Christmas a lot. But the boss, in his office upstairs, He did not! The boss hated parties, The whole holiday season. Free turkeys, Secret Santa, I’m not even teasin’. It could be he was stingy, Wouldn’t part with a […]


Prepare now for worry-free holiday season

It starts with break room tables laden with bowls of candy corn and “fun-size” chocolate bars. Then come turkey and Pilgrim decorations, which quickly give way to workstations sporting menorahs, Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, tinsel, and eventually New Year’s party hats and streamers.   With the kickoff of the fall-winter holidays, employers need to consider not […]

The holiday (party) season is coming: Plan now to minimize the risks

by Craig M. Borowski The holiday season is almost upon us. Employers often use this time of year to show their appreciation for employees’ hard work and to celebrate with them in the workplace. Unfortunately, however, even an office party planned with the best of intentions can create legal liability for your company or possibly […]

The Truth About Alcohol at Office Parties

‘Twas the night of the office party, and all through the houses, Employees were getting ready, and so were their spouses. Ties were knotted and straightened with care. Women put on dresses and combed through their hair. The children were ready, all showered and fed And continued to play Xbox until it was time for […]


Litigation Value: $150.00 (for the birthday cakes) As they always say, you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Nowhere is this more true than at office parties, birthday or otherwise. Lucky for Dunder Mifflin, the biggest party-related issue in last night’s episode was birthday cake. But sometimes employers just aren’t that […]