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How the Ugliest Holiday Sweater Stole Twitter

Yes, HRSBT is aware that the holidays are over with, but who doesn’t love a good office party story, regardless of the time of year? Recently, one woman sent the Internet into a tizzy over an ugly holiday sweater—and it’s not in the way you think!

Ugly Sweaters

The latest trend in holiday fashion, ugly sweaters, has caught on over the years and now has become a staple for many office holiday parties. If you are unsure of what an ugly holiday sweater is, you definitely need to check out Maya Moore’s failed attempt, because this sweater takes the ugly cake. Unfortunately, though, this wasn’t the ugliest sweater at her office party this past December.

Moore spent 4 hours crafting the Christmas tree-inspired sweater in the hopes of winning her office holiday party. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and Moore ended up taking second place. She took to Twitter to air her grievances, and the Internet quickly followed suit. Her post received more than 14,000 retweets, 30,000 likes, and numerous responses of outrage over her loss.

This was Moore’s first year working at her company, and she decided to go all out for her first office contest. Moore told, “Most of my coworkers didn’t care too much about the contest and participated to be team players, so I figured I’d win either first, second or third, but I was shooting for first clearly.” Even though she lost, she’s not worried, saying, “I’m not mad at all that I didn’t win first … I had fun making it and getting a rise out of my coworkers the entire day.”

In relation to her post going viral, Moore says, “I don’t know how or why this went viral, as you can see I don’t have many followers … I posted it originally for my sisters and friends to get a kick out of.” Clearly, more than just her friends and family enjoyed her post. Moore quickly found her sweater had become an Internet sensation and the inspiration for a few memes. If you’re planning ahead for next year’s holiday party, then Moore’s sweater is definitely something you can strive for. It really does make you wonder what the winning sweater looked like …

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