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HR Query: Cracking the Skills Code

The hunt for talent is on, but are we focusing on the right things? In this week’s HR Query, Carina Cortez, Chief People Officer at Cornerstone, challenges traditional hiring methods and explores the rise of skills-based recruitment. Learn how HR leaders are shifting their focus from resumes to real-world abilities, crafting a new paradigm for building a high-performing and future-proof workforce. So, are you ready […]

HR Leaders Can Play a Crucial Role When Educating Employees About Women’s Heart Health

Education and prevention are critical when it comes to improving women’s heart health, and HR leaders like you can play a pivotal role in spreading awareness and empowering women to take charge of their cardiac health. Consider my story: I was in my mid-40s and was experiencing persistent fatigue. I would get exhausted just walking […]

Why Leaders Should be Creating a Culture of Genuine Employee Well-Being 

Human sustainability and employee well-being are consistently innovating board-level agenda items. However, despite leaders feeling positive about their efforts and initiatives, statistics indicate that workers are not so convinced.  According to Deloitte’s latest Well-being at Work survey, 74% of employees say improving their well-being is more important than career advancement. Human sustainability, therefore, is still […]

How to Shift from a Reactive to a Transformational Workforce Approach

Organizations today face tremendous pressure to adapt and innovate to survive—let alone thrive—amidst global instability and rapid technological change. Companies must take a strategic, forward-looking approach to workforce planning to meet these challenges rather than simply reacting to external forces. Organizations that mature from a reactive approach to a proactive one — and who do […]

Preparing for an AI Future: 3 Vital Steps to Implementing AI into Your Workplace 

AI has become an undisputed corporate priority across industries, with many business and HR leaders viewing the technology as a critical component of their success in the future of work. According to Gartner, a staggering 76% of HR leaders believe that failing to adopt AI solutions within the next few years could leave their companies […]

Stop Thinking About Your Frontline Workers Like Second-Class Citizens

Recently, I had a conversation with an HR leader, and they lumped their workforce into two broad categories. There were knowledge workers — and everyone else. Categories and labels are useful for communication and a shared lexicon can make it easier to get things done. Except when they don’t. What can feel efficient, good enough, or […]

Faces of HR: Michele Silverman on Championing Well-Being at Veterinary Innovative Partners

Michele Silverman isn’t your average HR leader. With two decades of experience, she’s not just a master of policy and procedure but also an architect of meaningful employee experiences. At Veterinary Innovative Partners (VIP), a network of over 40 veterinarian-owned-and-operated hospitals across nine states, her mission is clear: to empower veterinarians and their teams to […]

Safety Resources: What Today’s HR Leaders Need to Know About Workplace Violence

While corporate security experts are instrumental in helping to prevent workplace violence, HR professionals play a critical role in preventing and mitigating threats in the workplace. With that in mind, HR decision-makers need to keep their finger on the pulse of a rapidly evolving threat landscape, appreciating where new and elevated threats are coming from […]

Our Veterans Need More Volunteers to Raise Service Dogs: Here’s How Businesses Can Help

Countless veterans fighting PTSD and adapting to life with disabilities are currently on waiting lists for a service dog who could change – and quite possibly save – their lives. The lack of volunteers willing and able to take a puppy everywhere with them for 18 months has stretched wait times up to two years. […]

The “Mommy Tax”: When Will It Be Too Much? Innovative Ways to Support Working Parents

The volume of articles, studies, and social threads are a key indicator of “hot topic” items. The childcare crisis is no exception. The proliferation of these news items continues to accelerate with many calling for employers to answer the rally call. Yet many C-Suite and HR leaders find themselves in a tricky spot. With tightening […]