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Workers’ Compensation: Sweeping New Law Promises Major Changes; Rate Cuts May Be Just Around The Corner

As we reported last month, the California Legislature enacted a sweeping overhaul of the state’s 91-year-old system for compensating workers injured on the job—and Gov. Schwarzenegger quickly signed the workers’ compensation legislation, S.B. 899, which took effect immediately. Employers should soon see savings from the new reforms. The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau has proposed […]

News Notes: Assembly Proposes Higher Fines For Gender-Based Pay Discrimination

The California Assembly has approved a bill, A.B. 2317, that would hike the penalties for employers who violate the state’s prohibition against gender bias in pay for employees who perform jobs of equal skill, effort, and responsibility. Under the current law, employees who suffer pay discrimination can sue to recover the wage differential plus an […]

Family and Medical Leave: New Ruling Strengthens Your Right to Terminate Employees Who Abuse Family Leave

Suppose an employee is on family and medical leave to care for an ill family member, but you discover they’re also using the time for their own recreation. Can you discipline or terminate the worker for misusing the leave? We’ll look at a new Cali- fornia appeals court ruling that gives you latitude to handle […]

News Bulletin: Pending Legislation Affecting Employers

The State Assembly recently passed a bill (AB196) that would prohibit employment discrimination based on perceived gender, which includes trans-gender individuals and those who do not fit gender stereotypes. In Washington, the House passed a bill (HR 100) that would permit employers to offer retirement investment advice to employees and require that employers provide plan […]

Family and Medical Leave: Accompanying Ill Spouse to Funeral Doesn’t Qualify for Protected Leave, Court Rules

Arnulfo Gradilla worked as a sheet metal assembler at Riverside County-based Ruskin Manufacturing. When his father-in-law died, he received permission to take two or three days off work to accompany his invalid wife to the funeral in Mexico. Gradilla’s wife had a serious heart condition that was exacerbated by stress.

E-Alerts: Family and Medical Leave: No Leave Time for Mother Whose Son Was Abused by Caregiver

Stacey Detels, a claims representative for Farmers Insurance Exchange, took several weeks off of work after learning her toddler son’s caregiver may have been physically abusing him. Detels took her son to two health care providers to evaluate him, but the providers found no need for any treatment. Detels claimed that when she returned to […]