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Why Your Training Materials Must Include Video Content in 2018

Video learning content isn’t just a passing trend in the learning and development industry. And if you want your organization to remain competitive in the years ahead, you’ll want to make sure to include video content in your training materials right now. Keep reading to learn more about why.

Boomerangers: A New Breed of Employee

That dreaded moment when a valued employee tenders their resignation generally feels like a time for mourning—and scrambling to fill the void. But, this can also be an opportunity to set the stage for a continuing relationship that can provide a pathway for reengagement. After all, the grass isn’t always greener, and some employees—even very […]

Say ‘Nein’ to Nonstop E-mails to Save Workers’ Sanity

Americans are so obsessed with checking their e-mails on their smartphones almost 24/7—even those sent by their bosses—that they check them on weekends and vacation and sometimes walk into telephone poles or out into streets while reading them. But does the constant contact with work cause employees unreasonable and unhealthy stress? “Jawohl,” says German Employment […]