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Q&A: Lori Kleiman on HR Assessments

In yesterday’s Advisor, the 7 steps to a strategic HR assessment were presented by Lori Kleiman, SPHR; today, she elaborates on the challenges of the HR function and presents a couple of frequently asked questions and their answers.

The 5 T’s of Recognition and Retention

“Voluntarily Give Their Discretionary Effort” Some employees do just enough not to get fired; that’s not going to do it for you, says Katz. You want employees to “voluntarily give their discretionary effort.” Katz, who is with Penguin Human Resource Consulting, LLC, offered his tips in a recent BLR-sponsored webinar. The Unlimited Rewards Budget Who […]

Yes, It’s Possible to Do Meaningful Appraisals

No Surprises, Please One of the most cited problems with performance appraisals is the blow to morale and productivity in the time leading up to—and for months after—when the information is delivered. Why? Because employees don’t know what to expect and managers are reluctant to deliver bad news. But, to every extent possible, the contents […]

A Sophisticated Merit Increase Grid

Morning says her grid takes into account three factors (market and business performance, individual performance, and position in range), plus there’s a lump sum option. Pay increases are based on three main factors, says Morning, president of Teri Morning Enterprises in Carmel, Indiana, who made her suggestions during a recent webinar sponsored by BLR®. In […]

When Your Hammer Is Your Screwdriver—Talent Management

To do that, sometimes you have to use a hammer as a screwdriver, he says. Katz made his comments at BLR’s Strategic Leadership HR Summit, held recently in Scottsdale, Arizona. Katz is president of Penguin Human Resource Consulting LLC. When Is a Hammer a Screwdriver? Katz shows a picture of a hammer and asks, “What’s […]

Performance Reviews—Tool Bosses Use to Justify Pay

Culbert, author of Get Rid of the Performance Review!, is a consultant and professor at UCLA. To achieve the best results for the organization, Culbert recommends that all managers and supervisors: Help subordinates see that the boss understands their perspective. Too many managers, helped along by rigid performance review processes, frame situations on the basis […]