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Wage and Hour: Can We Dock the Pay of Tardy Employees?

We are having a lot of trouble with employees—both exempt and nonexempt-who come to work late. Our attempts to deal with this haven’t been too successful. In some jobs like the assembly line, punctuality is critical-we can’t run the line without all the people there. In other cases, it doesn’t matter so much as far […]

News Notes: Half-Million-Dollar Slander Verdict For Employee Accused Of Theft

A recent verdict provides a good reminder ofwhy it’s important to listen to and follow up on employee complaints. A juryawarded maintenance technician Bob Haist $500,000 on his clam that his managerat Chula Vista–based Goodrich Aerostructures slandered him by accusing him infront of his co-workers of stealing from the company. Haist’s co-workers alsoallegedly watched managers […]

Workers’ Compensation: Court Looks at What Triggers an Employer’s Obligation to Provide Claim Form; 3 Practical Tips

Generally, employers have 90 days from the date of an employee’s workers’ comp claim to investigate and then accept or deny the claim. And it’s critical not to miss the deadline because if you do, there will be a presumption that the injury is covered by workers’ comp. But suppose a worker who hasn’t filed […]

Wrongful Discharge: Employer Must Pay $600,000 For Not Acting When Screaming Boss Made HR Manager’s Job Intolerable

Employers tend to give a lot of leeway to high-level or valuable employees. But if a rogue boss’s behavior goes unchecked—and forces other employees to quit—you may have a lawsuit on your hands. In one recent case, the employer’s failure to rein in a renegade manager turned into a $600,000 mistake.

Equal Pay: New Case Looks At When Jobs Do—And Don’t—Require The Same Compensation

Equal pay for equal work is a hot issue. And disputes over whether a female employee is entitled to receive the same compensation as a male co-worker typically focus on whether they perform substantially similar work. Now a new case involving a human resources administrator provides a practical look at some factors courts weigh when […]

News Flash: Jury Awards Nestle Manager Over $5 Million In Age Bias Case

A jury in Los Angeles awarded $5.16 million to a former financial manager for Nestle who claimed the company denied him promotions that went to junior employees. The manager was in his mid-40s. He complained to the human resources department and a senior executive but never got a satisfactory response about whether his age was […]

News Notes: Survey Flags Hot New Employee Benefit Choices

A recent survey of employers by the human resources consulting firm Hewitt Associates indicates that employees are increasingly interested in non-traditional and flexible benefits that they can pick and choose to suit their particular needs, including retirement and work/family concerns. And employers, to stay competitive in attracting the best talent, are planning to make more […]