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How to Assess Candidate Integrity in Interviews

In the hiring or recruiting process, evaluating candidate integrity is integral to ensure you are bringing in the right person for the organization. Beyond skills and experience, integrity is the indicator for trustworthiness, accountability, and principles — indispensable qualities for a principled workplace. Interviews are the time to delve into candidate values to gauge alignment […]

How to Talk About Your Weaknesses in Job Interviews

During a job interview, your goal is to sell yourself. To accomplish this, you must first persuade the interviewer that you are qualified for the position, that you will bring value to the company, and that you have the type of personality that meshes well with others. Usually, you do this by explaining your relevant […]

Extreme Job Interviews

The word “extreme” has been used to market a variety of products and activities. Sports broadcasters market “extreme sports” like street luging and mountain biking; gyms and fitness influencers promote extreme workouts; even Doritos has a line of “extreme” chips.

Three Interview Questions to Avoid

When you’re interviewing a potential employee, the stakes are high. You want to bring the right person onto the right team in the right role, and which questions you ask can have a huge impact on the process. You’ve probably spent time tailoring your list to include thoughtful questions that will really help you identify […]


More Than Selfies: The Front-Facing Camera Powers Remote Work

In recent years, the front-facing camera has become the iconic symbol of social media and the global “selfie culture.” In the new world of social distancing and remote work, that same cultural icon has rapidly transformed into the cornerstone and foundation for the new world of remote work.

Hints That Your Employees May Be Job Searching

In times of increased turnover, employers often wonder if they could discover which employees are about to leave and take steps to keep that from happening. While it may not always be possible to stop an employee with one foot out the door (nor would you want to in every case), there are signs that […]

My Hair is Perfect! I’d Make a Great Addition to Your Team!

It’s that time of year again—no, not back to school time. It’s CareerBuilder’s annual list of strangest job interviews, and HRSBT couldn’t be any more excited! If you’ll recall, 2016’s list was filled with stolen family photos, psychic mediums, and pet birds. So what does this year have in store?

5 Words Every Employer Should Say During a Job Interview

To their own detriment, 92% of employers focus on experience and ability when hiring employees. But experience and ability are all but irrelevant in hiring the best employees. In his latest book, The Five A’s of Great Employees, author, speaker, and workplace-cultural advisor Eric Swenson identifies the five most important traits of a truly great […]

More Strange but True Job Interviews from You!

A few weeks ago, we reported on CareerBuilder’s list of strange things that have happened during job interviews. From stolen family photos to pet birds in shirts, there were no shortages of strange events that made it to the CareerBuilder® list.  Our readers also chimed in on their strangest interviews: