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Unable to Find Qualified Applicants?

Employers are facing an interesting recruiting conundrum: Despite high unemployment rates, there still aren’t enough applicants for a given job post.

OHS prosecutions: When the regulator mischaracterizes a party’s role

by Carla Oliver When a person applies for a job, the job generally comes with a title that an employer believes to be descriptive of the role and reflective of the duties and responsibilities of the position. In many cases, an employer’s assignment of a job title to a particular role is done without a […]

Equal Job Satisfaction May Be More Important Than Equal Pay

According to statistics released in 2014 by the United States Census Bureau, women are paid, on average, 79 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn. A just released study of over 100,000 job offers by Hired.com found that 69% of the time men receive higher salary offers than women for the same job title […]

Ask the Expert: Offer Letter for Salaried Employee

I am preparing an offer letter for an exempt position who is working at 80%. Can you let me know if this language is OK?: “In this exempt position, you will be working at a reduced capacity of 80% and your compensation will be $XXX,000.00 annually, payable bi-weekly.”

Finding Market Data for Tough-To-Find Jobs

By Sharon McKnight, CCP, SPHR Trying to find market data for some jobs may seem a little like searching for a needle in a haystack—tedious, time-consuming, and marginally successful. Often, the problem isn’t that no data is available but how we look for it.

Executive Exemption: Who Qualifies?

Executive Exemption: Who Qualifies? President Obama made the news recently with a proposal to change the rules on who must be paid overtime. What rule is under consideration here, and what are the implications for employers?

Get Hired Based on Your Career Selfie

What’s worse, trying to sum up your work history in 200 characters or less, or getting hired—or not hired—based on your looks? Pitman Training has now developed an app that pushes the envelope in social media and career development.