Unable to Find Qualified Applicants?

Employers are facing an interesting recruiting conundrum: Despite high unemployment rates, there still aren’t enough applicants for a given job post.

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Given that, here are some tips for employers to increase the number of applications they receive for a given role:

  • Change where you’re looking. If you’ve always used the same sources, consider broadening your options, such as by using job boards you haven’t tried before and social media platforms you haven’t advertised on before.
  • Pay for placement. Consider sponsoring your job post so it’s more visible to qualified candidates. If you’re already paying for placement, consider what other options there might be, like advertising in new places.
  • Consider changing the job title to something more likely to come up in search results. This may mean changing the title to something that isn’t used internally but that’s more closely aligned with other titles in the market so it will get viewed by more people.
  • Reassess your job post with a critical eye to ensure it’s attractive enough to get clicks. The job title is a critical component to getting clicks, but once people are on the post, they need to feel compelled to apply. Be sure the post explains what’s in it for the applicant, not just what the organization requires.
  • Ensure the application process is simple. Try out your own process on different device types and different platforms to ensure all users have a seamless and easy experience without technical problems. The application should be short and easy to complete—your company doesn’t want to lose applicants because it made things more difficult than they should be.
  • Confirm the job posting and application are easily viewable and clickable on mobile and other platforms. Many people today apply for jobs using their phones, but if your information is not optimized for a mobile device, it may be discouraging.
  • Give more attention to the employer brand. Potential employees often start researching a company during the application process because they want to know what it’s like to work there. Make this search easy for them by having an updated Web and social media presence that accurately shows the organizational culture.
  • Take steps now. Get more proactive about reaching out to potential candidates instead of waiting on them to come to you.
  • Do a new market salary assessment. Ensure the rate you’ve been offering is still in alignment with the competition you’re vying with for the same talent. If your original wage offering was lower than your competitors’, this step alone could increase the number of applicants you receive.
  • Assess whether remote work is a possibility. Even as COVID begins to recede into the rearview mirror, more and more people would prefer to continue working remotely and will be more likely to apply for a position that can be done remotely at least some of the time.
  • Reduce requirements. Consider lowering experience requirements and instead providing training to fill in any skills gaps that remain.

What else have you been doing to increase applicant numbers in these times?

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