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The Biggest Recruitment Challenges Right Now

Recruitment has always had its fair share of challenges. That’s why the recruitment industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Recruiters are basically employment matchmakers; they’re working hard to pair the right people in the right positions in order to help companies better serve their customers. But that’s much easier said than done, and can […]

Big Benefits in Involving Employees in the Budgeting Process

Budgeting is a predictable annual process for most, if not all, organizations. But it’s a process that often takes place in a top-down fashion. Senior management, often with input from their finance leaders, sets the direction and allocates resources based on organizational priorities. Seems logical, but while this approach has its merits, it overlooks a […]

How to Take Advantage of the September Hiring Surge

In this week’s HR Query, Alice Rush, Career Advisor at the University of Phoenix, and Anthony Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of HireVue, share insights about the hiring trends during this peak hiring season, as well as what HR leaders and organizations can expect to see through the remainder of the year. Here’s what they had […]

5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Company’s LinkedIn Page

Does your recruiting department use LinkedIn? LinkedIn has a bit of a reputation for being old school. It isn’t the fanciest social media platform with the most bells and whistles, and its reach isn’t as wide as Meta’s products. But if you’re recruiting new talent and hoping to cultivate a great workplace, LinkedIn is the […]

5 Ways to Recruit on LinkedIn That Aren’t Spammy

Digitization has been a godsend for numerous industries, simplifying formerly cumbersome job tasks and providing unprecedented access to people and data. Recruitment apps and job portals like LinkedIn make it easier and quicker for hiring managers, recruiters, and jobseekers to reach their goals. Still, no rose is without its thorns, so even though LinkedIn is […]

Are Entry-Level Jobs Disappearing?

New entrants to the workforce often face a bit of a Catch-22: In order to get experience, one typically needs to have had a previous job, but in order to get a job, one often needs some level of experience. Of course, one might expect this Catch-22 not to apply to so-called “entry-level” jobs. After […]


Savvy Jobseekers Jump Through Hoops to Stand Out in a Sea of Applications

As businesses begin to open back up, employers will be looking to staff up their empty workplaces, but the hiring landscape has drastically changed since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, forcing jobseekers to get creative in how they stand out among the plethora of applicants.


Identifying Free Online Training

Many employees seeing record unemployment numbers and a frightening economic outlook for at least the rest of 2020 and potentially beyond are understandably concerned about their long-term employment. Learning a new skill can be a great way to stand out among a crowd of jobseekers that is likely to grow considerably.


LinkedIn Now Offers the Ability to Interview Candidates

As recruiters, sourcing and recruiting talent can be difficult, yet many are turning to social media site, LinkedIn, to simplify their hiring needs—and a recent partnership is about to make your talent acquisition process a lot easier!