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A Primer on Creating a Purpose-Driven Culture

Finding meaning and purpose in what you do for a living is arguably a better way to live. Nurturing an organizational culture in which work has meaning and connects to a purpose (beyond making money) is arguably a better way to run a company. Why?

Employees Want These Three Things Most

HR pros are no doubt tired of hearing about the tight job market. But the hard truth is, it is tight. At roughly 4% unemployment, it’s a seller’s market when it comes to labor, and employers are rightly looking to do whatever they can to attract, hire, and retain the top talent—or, in some cases, […]

What’s high performance HR? Hint, it’s about more than just people

Human resources professionals have long touted their skills related to people. It’s the HR department that makes sure an organization has the people it needs and then makes sure the needs of those people are met, but does truly strategic HR require more? Definitely yes, according to HR practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and author Christopher D. […]