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Designing Workplaces that Promote Mental Well-Being

Designing indoor spaces that promote mental well-being in the workplace is more than a trend; it is a crucial step toward cultivating a productive and content workforce. Here’s how thoughtful design can create visually appealing and emotionally supportive workspaces, enhancing overall employee well-being. Why Design for Well-Being Our surroundings play a pivotal role in our […]

The Future of Open Floor Plans: Achieving Flexibility Without Employee Backlash

Cubicles and closed-off spaces in workplaces are outdated. Today, many businesses prefer open floor plans over private work zones. While open spaces are great for collaboration, they also have some drawbacks. How can you enhance the flexibility of open floor plans, boost employee well-being, and mitigate the drawbacks? Here are some ideas to consider. The […]

New Data Suggests Being the Office Bully Doesn’t Pay

Many readers have had the displeasure of working with an office bully. Even those who haven’t can probably imagine the type. The office bully archetype is so prevalent that American popular culture is full of examples, albeit fictional and often exaggerated portrayals. Think Biff Tannen forcing Marty McFly’s farther George to do Biff’s work for […]

Companies Prioritize Shared Office Space in the Age of Hybrid Work

In 2023, 90% of companies offered some level of hybrid work, according to a new survey from CBRE. The adoption of hybrid work is driving companies to lease less space and redesign their offices to be more effective for employees, with space changes varying by industry. The annual survey reflects workplace and occupancy insights from 66 CBRE […]

Digital Resignation: Workers Are Live-Quitting on TikTok

Popular culture is full of scenes involving highly public and dramatic resignations. Who can forget Jerry Maguire walking out on his high-powered sports agent job to start his own shop, Jennifer Aniston’s character Joanna quitting her waitressing job at Chotchkie’s after one too many reminders about her flair in the movie Office Space, or the […]

Want Workers to Return to the Office? Try Making It Greener

Amid a heightened war for talent among companies post-pandemic, U.S. employees have higher expectations for green office spaces and want their employers to make eco-friendly practices a priority, according to new research. Hygiene and health company Essity recently conducted a survey of workers who have returned to the office at least part-time and found that the vast […]


Is Your Company Spending Too Much Time with Internal Reports?

A famous scene in the cult classic Office Space shows the protagonist Peter Gibbons being reminded by multiple colleagues and layers of management about a missing cover sheet for his “TPS Report.” The scene was meant to satirize both the superfluous levels of oversight within many organizations and the insignificance of many reporting requirements.

7 Truly Terrible Offices on Film and What They Teach Us

“Third prize is you’re fired!” snaps Alec Baldwin in a bitter (and almost literal) punchline aimed at a cowering sales team. Baldwin’s character in 1992’s Glengarry Glen Ross is a bad boss who makes already devalued employees feel even worse—a plot line that seems central to Hollywood’s depictions of rotten workplaces.

Employers Beware: ‘Bore-Out’ Lawsuits Could Be Headed Your Way

Let’s face it, not all jobs are glamorous, and as Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs says, “Somebody’s gotta do it!” Sometimes not all jobs are as exciting as Rowe would have you believe, either! Case in point—one employer is facing a recent claim that one employee insists his job was too “boring!”

‘We fixed the glitch….’

I’m confident in this prediction: If you’ve ever held an office job, you will love Office Space. (If you haven’t seen it, get it now.) Anyone can find something in the movie that resonates. Maybe you connect with the guy who can’t bring himself to do more than 15 minutes of real work a week. […]