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‘But I Didn’t Know It Was Harassment’ (Training Needed)

Sexual harassment has been all over the headlines in recent months. The Harvey Weinstein scandal demonstrated that abuses by powerful men against vulnerable and until-now-voiceless employees, colleagues, and acquaintances are not a thing of the past. In the aftermath of the Weinstein revelations, accusations have come out against a large number of politicians, celebrities, sports […]

Boosting Participation in Online Learning

Online courses can be a great tool for employers. Not only can they accommodate far more employees than traditional, in-person courses that are limited by the size of the room; they also facilitate the ability to include employees from around the country or around the world.


Focus on Your Employees’ Needs Before Your Own

On Sunday, I heard someone speak about servant leadership. I was struck by how appropriate it was that he chose that topic the day before we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King, a man who dedicated his life to civil rights, once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What […]

What Company Do You Want to Be?

Before you examine your employer branding strategy, it’s a question worth considering—especially in an environment of ever greater scrutiny.

Avoid Ambiguity to Avoid Gender Discrimination

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed the fact that gender discrimination is still prevalent in today’s workplace. We started outlining some of the many ways that recruiters and hiring teams can help to eliminate gender discrimination in their recruiting and hiring processes. Let’s continue that list now.

The Power of an Authentic You

At a conference earlier this year, I had the honor of moderating a lively, open, and engaging roundtable on women’s leadership. I opened the session by asking the participants whether they felt they were expected, as women, to act or behave a certain way to succeed in business.

Some Tips for Hiring Telecommuting Employees

Employers today often find there are a dearth of available candidates located in the exact geographic location where they would like to post a job. This is but one of many reasons for the increase of telecommuting in today’s workforce. By allowing telecommuting, the employer is greatly expanding the geographic reach for candidates, since they […]

8 Simple Steps Toward Resolving Workplace Conflict

In yesterday’s Advisor, we reviewed the popular training topic of conflict resolution. Today we revisit our 8-step guide for leaders looking to effectively resolve everyday conflicts between their team members.