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A Compensation Hot Potato

My day job puts me in contact with a lot of HR and compensation professionals. Some need help with finding salary data for a job or with setting up job grades. Sometimes, though, they just need an ear to listen.

Add Your Voice on Retention, Engagement, and Branding

The world of talent management is abuzz with concepts like retention, engagement, and branding. Does your company track these things? If so, how? Do you think it works? Tell us in our latest survey. Taking the survey gives access to the results as soon as they are compiled. We’d love to hear what you have […]

Performance Management Survey—What’s Really Happening?

Performance management is not only important for identifying your high potential employees, but it also has a great impact on your compensation programs and documentation practices. What’s happening with performance management in the real world? What are your competitors up to? Help us find out!

Pay Budget Results for 2015 (New Survey)

[Go here for 2014 data and the rest of the survey results] 2015 Merit Increases A mere 13.8% (down from 14.1% in 2013) of survey participants have decided and/or approved their pay budgets for 2015, leaving 86.3% undecided as of the end of June. Of those who have decided, on average across all employee types, […]

2014-2015 Pay Budget Survey Results in; How Do You Compare?

Highlights of the survey: 18.2% of respondents are awarding merit increases (averaged across all employee types) of up to 2.5% in 2014 and 46.1% are awarding increases of more than 2.5% 21% of survey participants awarded an increase of 2.51–3% for “Meets requirements” and 12.9% awarded that amount for “Exceeds requirements.” The biggest challenge for […]

Training Programs—What’s Happening in the Real World?

Please participate in our brief survey and see how what you are doing for training stacks up against what other successful companies are doing. We’ll get answers to these questions and more: How often do your employees receive training? What kind of training is conducted? What specific topics is training offered on? What are the […]

Compensation & Benefits Top 10: Summer Wrap-Up

BLR’s 2013-2014 Pay Budget Survey Data: How Do You Compare? The nearly 700 participants in this year’s edition of BLR’s 2013–2014 Pay Budget Survey show 19.2% of employers awarding merit increases of up to 2.5% in 2013 and 42.7% awarding increases of more than 2.5%, with 3.6% awarding increases above 5% of base pay.   […]

BLR’s 2013–2014 Pay Budget Survey Data: How Do You Compare?

What’s in the Survey Report? Here’s what you’ll find in the full survey report below: 2013 Data 2014 Data Breakdowns by Geography and Industry Criteria Used to Determine Rate Range Adjustments Pay Practices Factors That Affect Salary Increases How the Salary Range for a New Position Is Determined Sources of Salary Data HR’s Role in […]