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Our 2018-2019 Pay Budget Survey Results Are In

Each year we conduct a nationwide survey to learn about pay practices throughout the country. We are pleased to release the results of our 2018 survey.budget
A total of 248 individuals participated in this survey. Of those who identified themselves, 54.9% are private for-profit, 22.6% are private not-for-profit, 11.3% are public corporations, and 11.3% are government entities.
Companies with 1–250 employees are represented by 54.4% of survey participants, and organizations with 251–500 workers account for 13.7%. Organizations with 501–1,000 employees are represented by 8% of survey participants; those with 1,001–5,000 are represented by 16.9%; and organizations with more than 5,000 employees account for 6.8% of survey participants.
The full results can be seen in this PDF.

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