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Checklist for Drafting Executives’ Contracts

Yesterday, we looked at the AESC BlueSteps Executive Compensation Report, which revealed that executive compensation is on the rise. Today, we turn to smart drafting of executives’ contracts.

How To Draft an Enforceable Arbitration Agreement in California

Yesterday, guest writer Alka Ramchandani introduced us to the case of a former CarMax employee who challenged the validity of the arbitration agreement the company was trying to bind him to. Today, the conclusion of the case—and some tips for drafting success.

Not ‘Discipline’ … but ‘Opportunity to Improve’

Yesterday, we presented attorney Jathan Janove’s suggestions for dealing with employees who say, “My aberrant behavior was caused by my disability.” Today, we’ll give you more of his tips—plus an introduction to an upcoming California-specific ADA/FEHA training session.

When Can a Workers’ Comp Claimant be Disciplined?

“You will find that pretty much every workers’ comp law in the country does have anti-retaliation provisions. And so, just the act of filing a workers’ comp claim gives somebody protected status that’s somewhat analogous to somebody filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or filing a complaint under one of the wage/hour […]

Be Careful About Drug Testing in California

Yesterday, we looked at the first 5 of the top 10 hiring mistakes you should be careful to avoid. Today, the rest of the top 10, and an introduction to a webinar that will help clear up a new source of problems and confusion for California employers: medical marijuana.

Looking Ahead to 2012 for HR

Get ready now for an aggressive NLRB; meanwhile, get your ADA house in order, say panelists at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS). Good news? It’s not too late to act.

Retaining Your Best Employees—Five Key Tips

The original talk was called “30 Ideas in 30 Minutes,” but we’ve culled the best fifteen ideas for readers. The panelists were: Andrew Botwin, head of Human Resources for accounting firm Rothstein Kass Kathy Brooks, VP of Employee Experience, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Michael Burchell, Vice President, Global Business Development, The Great Place to Work […]

Family Leave: A Different Story Beyond 12 Weeks

Yesterday, attorney Lauren M. Cooper of the San Francisco office of Epstein Becker & Green, PC, explained a new family leave case that’s good news for employers. Read on to find out the details of the court’s reasoning. We’ll also tell you about a California-specific leaves reference you won’t want to be without.