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Most Common Reasons for Employee Discipline

Employee discipline is something everyone in any organization wants to avoid. Obviously, discipline is a negative experience for the employee subject to discipline, but it’s also one of the least favorite parts of the job for managers and HR professionals as well.

Good Training Is Great, But Bad Training Can Be Devastating

Effective training can have significant, positive impacts on a company’s bottom line, and we encourage all organizations to implement training programs for their employees. However, it is not the case that some training is always better than no training. In fact, poor training can be extremely counterproductive. Here are just a few of the potential […]


Igniting Your Team to New Levels of Performance

Almost every leader I have interviewed and or worked with, tells me they want a high-performance team. In fact, the number of teambuilding training sessions, workshops, books, and ropes courses equate to more than 10,000. Clearly, when it comes to constructing a team of people who work well together to create winning outcomes, knowing how […]

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New ‘Kid’ on the Block Fires Longtime Employee and Sends Age Discrimination Claim to Trial

What do you get when a new supervisor in his late 20s begins managing a longtime employee who is 36 years his senior, begins documenting the employee’s alleged performance deficiencies while still giving him “meets expectations” reviews, and places the employee on a performance improvement plan (PIP) that results in his firing? An age discrimination […]


What to Do When Employees Are Underperforming?

It’s time to pull your head out of the sand—you need to deal with poor performers! Sometimes it is uncomfortable to deal with things you would rather avoid, but there is no advantage to delaying the inevitable.


‘But No One Got Hurt!’ Is No Defense to Race Discrimination Claims

A number of court cases have illustrated how employers can find themselves in trouble for comments written via email by managers or other decision-makers that indicate an employee’s protected status (e.g., sex, race, age, or taking qualified leave) played a role in the decision to fire them.  But here we present a unique scenario that […]


3 Tips to Eradicate Workplace Bullies in Your Company

I have been asked many questions about bullying throughout my career, but there is one question I can never seem to escape: What is the difference between workplace bullying and harassment?

Court Sees Through Illinois Costco Manager’s Retaliation Claim

By Kelly Smith-Haley, Fox, Swibel, Levin & Carroll LLP The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows eligible employees to take unpaid job-protected leave for certain family and medical reasons. The FMLA also prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who exercise their rights under the Act. But employees have certain obligations to meet before being […]