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Keeping Positivity Alive in Challenging Times

With so many organizations falling between closing down and downsizing, and reports of massive casualties from the coronavirus, it can be very hard to stay positive. Yet, remaining positive during this time is critical for employers, employees, our families, and our leaders to get through this poised to recover. I recently spoke with a seriously […]


The Power of Positive Actions

There is a well-known phrase that says people don’t leave companies—they leave managers. Let’s take that notion a step further: People don’t leave companies—they leave environments where energy absorbers thrive under poor managers. Or even worse, they leave energy-absorbing managers.


How to Attract and Hire Young Talent

A hungry-to-learn, tech-savvy workforce is taking over, and these workers already make up 35% of the workforce. But there is a catch: This new kind of worker is one companies are having a hard time understanding and an even harder time attracting with the usual business perks.

Do you think you could possibly read this? If it’s not a problem?

by Elizabeth Petersen By way of introduction, my name is Elizabeth Petersen, and I’m the executive vice president of BLR’s healthcare division. And my personal “fun fact” is that I played and coached rugby for 12 years. Although I’m unofficially retired from the sport, I still very much identify as a rugby player. The sport […]

Do you need an attitude adjustment?

by Dan Oswald Years ago, I heard a story about a couple of salespeople that left a lasting impression on me. The story went like this: A British shoe manufacturer sent two salespeople to Africa to investigate and report back on market potential. The first salesperson reported back, “There is no potential here—nobody wears shoes.” […]

It’s all about attitude

by Dan Oswald I happen to live in the country music capital of the world, Nashville. So at least a couple of country stations have been programmed into my radio. This morning on my drive to the office, I was listening to one of the stations when a Travis Tritt song titled “It’s a Great […]