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The Stages of Progressive Discipline

In a previous post, we discussed some of the most common causes of employee discipline in the workplace. Obviously, both managers/HR and employees want to avoid employee discipline. It’s not comfortable for anyone involved. But sometimes it’s necessary in order to maintain company standards, rules, and policies.


Disciplining Employees: Escalation

In a couple of recent blog posts, we’ve been discussing the subject of employee discipline in the workplace. This is understandably a touchy subject for managers and employees alike.

Workplace policies: Recognizing the good, the bad, and the ugly

Employment policies: Do they keep organizations running smoothly? Or are they trouble waiting to happen? The answer to both questions is: sometimes. Human resources professionals spend a lot of time working on policies they hope will lead to productive, fair workplaces. Often, though, policies can cause more problems than they solve. Adding to the dilemma, […]

Progressive discipline prevails—even where harassment proven

By Keri Bennett When a long-service costume designer was dismissed following a workplace harassment investigation, a British Colombia arbitrator found the company’s no-hire ban for all future productions to be excessive, since there was a lack of progressive discipline. Despite finding that the fired employee had engaged in longstanding and widespread harassment of junior employees, […]