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Exempt Employees: Labor Commissioner Changes Guidance on Vacation and Paid Time Off

The California labor commissioner has withdrawn an existing opinion letter regarding employer-mandated use of vacation and other paid time off (PTO) for exempt employees, as well as the use of vacation or PTO for partial-day absences. We’ll explain what the commissioner’s action means and how it will affect your workplace. 

Exempt Employees: Following Federal Salary Docking Rules Can Cause Problems for California Employers

To be exempt from overtime, an employee must, among other requirements, be paid a predetermined minimum salary, currently at least $2,340 a month, regardless of the quality or quantity of hours worked. However, both federal and California law permit you to dock an exempt employee’s salary under certain circumstances without losing the worker’s exempt status. […]

E-Alert Item: New Opinion Letter Explains Guidelines for Paying Exempt Workers During Temporary Shutdowns

If you’re planning to close your doors for the holidays to help trim costs, and you want exempt employees to use up their accrued vacation during this period, you may want to review whether your plans comply with state wage and hour rules regarding exempt employees. A recent opinion letter from the state Division of […]