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Want to Solve Quiet Quitting? Focus on Employee Engagement

If you’ve been wondering whether the “quiet quitting” phenomenon is still occurring, wonder no more. According to a new Gallup poll, at least half of the U.S. workforce is currently quiet quitting. Yes, you read that correctly: half, as in 50%, probably more. Quiet quitting is still very much, as young folks might say, “a […]

What Can We Expect for HR in 2023?

Employers have recognized the concerns and changes within HR over the last few years and have shifted their priorities during these uncertain times. HR managers believe burnout has serious consequences for employee retention, but according to CareerBuilder, 61% of workers say they are burned out in their current job. As 2022 has come to an […]

Conquer Quiet Quitting and Curb Resignations by Creating a Talent-Centric Culture

Almost 18 months after the term “The Great Resignation” was coined by University College London Professor Anthony Klotz, the number of people voluntarily quitting their jobs is still climbing, according to the most recent Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey by the U.S. Labor Department. Even more worrying perhaps is the rise of “quiet quitting,” […]

These Five Trends Will Rock Your Workplace in 2023: How to Prepare Now

After the past few years focusing on surviving the pandemic shift to remote work and navigating the fallout of the #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter movements, followed by juggling crises in employee morale, “the Great Resignation,” and the “Quiet Quitting” phenomena, it’s unnerving to think about the next great crisis corporate leaders will need to navigate in […]

Addressing the Quiet Firing Trend

While the term “quiet firing” may be new—and chatter around the trend increases—the practice is an age-old tactic used to force an employee to eventually quit. A recent LinkedIn News poll with over 20,000 respondents revealed 48% of employees had seen quiet firing in the workplace, and 35% have faced it during their careers. With the rise […]

How Do You Address ‘Quiet Quitting’ As a Manager?

Quiet quitting, the “trend” of doing the bare minimum to meet the requirements of your job description and nothing more, has become an acknowledged phenomenon of 2022. Although the act is not something new, it has become more widespread.

Frontline Workers Are Still Quitting En Masse—Here Are the Reasons Why

During the COVID-19 pandemic, desk-bound workers switched to remote work, continuing their work lives despite the global crisis unfolding around them. Whether they were happy, how long they could work from home, and when they would have to go back to the office became topics of general interest to the public and conversation in the […]

Can Conflict at Work Lead to Quiet Quitting?

Most organizations like when their employees go above and beyond the letter of their job description. In some cases, this discretionary effort is an expectation; indeed, there are companies that could not function without it. Efforts to build a strong company culture and boost engagement will of course benefit individual employees but also make it […]

How Quiet Quitting Could Backfire Amid a Potential Recession

Quiet quitting, or the practice of employees’ doing just enough to get by without being fired, seemed to many American workers like a brilliant way to capitalize on a historically tight labor market. Rather than going the extra mile to receive a promotion or a raise, quiet quitters have been satisfied with coasting along and […]