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Using Child Care as a Recruiting/Retention Strategy

A recent survey by Deloitte & Touche revealed that 4 in 10 executives plan to use the current economic difficulties as an opportunity to recruit top talent for their companies, reports Fran Durekas, founder and chief development officer of national childcare provider Childrens’ Creative Learning Centers (www.cclc.com). It’s no secret that some of that top […]

Could Guaranteed Employment Improve Your ROI?

Guaranteeing a job may be a cringe-worthy proposition for most HR execs. How about you – woud you sign a new hire with a contract for 24 months of protected employment? How about if we told you that it could improve your ROI? According to HR Pro Tim Sackett, there is a scenario where guaranteed […]

In Future, Hispanics Will Be Key to Older Workforce

According to the Urban Institute report “50+ Hispanic Workers: A Growing Segment of the U.S. Workforce,” Hispanics make up one of the fastest growing segments of the country’s older population, making them an important demographic for employers. In the report, Richard W. Johnson and Maurcio Soto examined the contributions these workers make to employers and […]

Penalties Increase for Certain Immigration Violations

Employers, beware: You will soon face increased monetary penalties if you violate certain immigration laws. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Attorney General have issued a rule that adjusts for inflation the civil monetary penalties they assess or enforce under the Immigration and Nationality Act. This is the first increase in the […]

Seeking Talent: Three tips for recruiting diverse talent

If you want to attract a broad base of workers with talent, you must be more proactive in your recruiting efforts, says employment lawyer and diversity consultant Natalie Holder-Winfield, author of Recruiting & Retaining a Diverse Workforce: New Rules for a New Generation. Holder-Winfield, president and chief strategic officer of Quest Diversity Initiatives, offers these […]

Hiring: What Are the Pitfalls of Hiring Internet Applicants?

Just in the past year, we’ve started doing almost all of our hiring through online sources. In some ways, it works very well, but I’m becoming increasingly concerned that we’re sort of losing control of what was a pretty solid commitment to diversity. Are we exposing ourselves to discrimination and affirmative action problems by recruiting […]