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Some Business Leaders Welcome RTO-Driven Employee Attrition

We have previously discussed  the potential trade-off between talent recruitment and retention on the one hand and Return-to-Office (RTO) policies on the other. Many employees have expressed a strong preference for remote work, with some stating they would rather quit than return to the office. This sentiment has raised concerns about the impact of RTO […]

Does RTO Necessarily Come at the Cost of Talent?

As companies push forward with return-to-office (RTO) policies, a pressing question emerges: are these policies driving away top talent? The recent MyPerfectResume 2024 Return to Office Survey sheds light on this issue, revealing a disconnect between employer intentions and employee perceptions. Understanding Employee Sentiment Today’s workforce is savvy and well-aware that RTO policies might not […]

Are Companies Using Remote Work as a Scapegoat for Poor Corporate Performance?

The evolving corporate landscape, particularly in the post-COVID era, has sparked a significant debate around Return-to-Office (RTO) policies. A recent Forbes article by Q Hamirani puts forward a provocative perspective: some CEOs may be using RTO mandates to mask poor management. RTO as a Mask for Poor Management “According to a recent research paper published […]

Hot Desking is Heating Up the Return-to-Office Conversation

With the pandemic in the rearview mirror, the majority (66%) of workers are reporting that they’re back in the office full-time. Organizations are scrambling to find ways to cut costs and optimize their workspaces, but some previously lauded solutions are proving ineffective. One such nullified solution is hot desking. Though once viewed as a paragon […]

Amazon’s Firm Stance on Remote Work

The pandemic ushered in a new era of remote work, with companies around the world quickly adapting to virtual environments. As they navigate the post-pandemic landscape, businesses are faced with the challenging decision of whether to bring employees back to the office, adopt a hybrid model, or continue with remote work. Amazon, a global powerhouse, […]

The Return-to-Office Dilemma: Beyond Remote Work, It’s About Autonomy and Trust

There’s a fundamental misunderstanding between employees and employers regarding return-to-office mandates: It isn’t actually about remote work at all. It’s about personal autonomy and employees’ desire to be trusted to choose the schedule and location that work best for them personally. In Times of Disruption, People Seek Control Interest rates are rising, the market is […]

HR Query: Companies Forcing More RTO – How Can They Make It Appealing?

Return to office mandates continue to make headlines as companies roll out demands for their employees. Google recently announced they are cracking down on requiring three days in-office for most staff, while Salesforce is encouraging people to come back in by donating to charity for every worker that comes in. According to ResumeBuilder.com’s recent survey […]

Amazon Slack Fight Illustrates Divisiveness of Return-to-Work Question

We hear a lot about the tug of war between organizations and employees when it comes to the future of widespread remote work in the post-COVID world. But that narrative hides the fact that employees themselves aren’t a monolith when it comes to preferences around remote work. An internal battle raging at online retail giant […]