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Cheese Whizzes Who Made a Run for the Food Biz Awarded Unemployment

Employees of a cheese manufacturer decided to break into the food safety business while they were still employed by the company. The employer suspected cheese sabotage when it discovered its food safety and cheese-making manuals in the employees’ workspace and terminated their employment.

HR’s Top HIPAA Compliance Misconceptions Dispelled

HIPAA has become synonymous with medical records privacy, for good reason. Enacted more than 20 years ago, it gives individuals the power to decide who has access to their health records and has forced major changes in the way health care providers, health plans and businesses handle records.

Why Should Employers Provide Medical Emergency Training?

When considering what training to provide to employees, usually the focus is on employee development. But one area more and more employers are considering is how to ensure employees are able to react appropriately if a medical emergency occurs on the job.

Stuntman’s death on ‘The Walking Dead’ set a sad reminder of common workplace hazards

Tragically, stuntman John Bernecker died last week in Atlanta after falling 30 feet to a concrete floor while working on a fight scene for AMC’s zombie-apocalypse series “The Walking Dead.” In response, the show temporarily halted production of its eighth season, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) opened an investigation.  According to OSHA, […]

Tesla’s CEO makes personal pledge for employee safety

Tesla, an electric-automobile manufacturer, made headlines last month after Worksafe, a California-based worker advocacy group, released a report indicating that the injury rates at Tesla’s Fremont manufacturing facility were higher than the industry average in 2014 and 2015. For example, the report indicated that the rate of serious injuries at Tesla’s Fremont plant (i.e., those […]


California Bill Would Eliminate Impact Assessments for Cal/OSHA Standards

A Senate Bill that would eliminate the need for new or revised Cal/OSHA standards to undergo in-depth economic assessment is one step closer to passage. Eight other occupational safety and health-related bills currently in the legislature could also affect California businesses if they are passed.


New Research Highlights the Science Behind Team Effectiveness

Understanding team effectiveness is becoming increasingly important. Organizations are rapidly dismantling traditional hierarchies in search of new and dynamic ways to respond to changing market conditions. In their place, teams are stepping up to underpin new business models and drive performance. Which raises the following question: how do you describe an effective team and the […]