Getting Strategic in 2016

By Holly Jones, JD, Senior Legal Editor As another year comes to a close, many HR departments take on the annual task of the compliance audit, the update of the company policy manual and/or employee handbook, the review and replacement of workplace notices and posters, and any other HR housekeeping. But, what about your strategic […]

How to Create a Team Charter

By Jilaine Parkes, president and founder of Sprigg Talent Management Systems Creating and agreeing on a team charter can set team projects up for success. This is an opportunity to ensure that everyone involved at the team (and senior management) level knows why the project needs to be carried out, understands what the objectives and […]

Why Don’t Employees Perform?

What Do We Mean by “Performance”? Let’s define performance as behavior demonstrated in a particular way for another group of people that causes a defined result, says Ware, who is president and CEO at Integral Talent Systems, Inc. Her remarks came during a recent BLR-sponsored webinar. For example, she says, if increased sales is the […]

SMART Goal-Setting—Key to Pay for Performance

Making Sense of Goals and Objectives Neelman offers the following suggestions for making goals and objectives truly helpful: Make performance management an important aspect of a manager’s evaluation. Limit evaluations to critical goals that employees can impact. Three to five goals is usually most appropriate. No more. Goals should enhance the employee’s performance in his […]

Goal Setting with the “SMART” Model

Dorf, who is managing director of Compensation Resources, Inc. in Upper Saddle River, NJ., recommends following the SMART approach in developing goals: Specificity Measurement Attainability Results-oriented Timing Remember, says Dorf, sometimes the pay-for-performance goal is a milestone, not the full completion of a project. For example, he says, he worked with a client that was […]

Can’t Pay for Performance if Can’t Measure Performance

Workplace compensation is essentially a supply and demand system, says Dorf, who is managing director of Compensation Resources, Inc. in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Supply has been strong, and that means small or no raises, but that is starting to change. A bunch of studies say maybe 60 percent or more of employees would look […]