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Leading a Better, Wiser Off-Site Retreat

Yesterday’s Leadership Daily Advisor gathered some of the latest ideas to boost the return on your corporate retreat experience. Today we continue with the next three results-oriented approaches.

Employment Law Tip: Paying Employees in a Disaster

The wildfires that have flared up in Southern California are a grim reminder that disaster can strike at any time and result in unexpected workplace closures. A special provision in the Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders permits you to send nonexempt employees home—without having to pay a reporting-time premium—in any of these situations: Operations can’t […]

The Wage-Hour Risks of an Electronic Leash

  Many of our employees carry company-issued cell phones, PDAs, and laptop computers. And, unfortunately, some of our managers have made full use of this technology by calling and e-mailing their subordinates at all hours of the day and even on weekends. I’ve become concerned that we could have a wage and hour problem on […]