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Looking for Leaders

Are you hiring managers, when what you really want are leaders?


Strategic Planning in A Rapidly Changing World

In a time where disruption is around every corner, businesses and organizations need to be especially aware of how changes in technology, consumer preferences, and globalization affects their ability to be successful.

What’s high performance HR? Hint, it’s about more than just people

Human resources professionals have long touted their skills related to people. It’s the HR department that makes sure an organization has the people it needs and then makes sure the needs of those people are met, but does truly strategic HR require more? Definitely yes, according to HR practitioner, lecturer, researcher, and author Christopher D. […]

I hate surprises!

I’m not very big on surprises. Years ago, for my 40th birthday, my wife threw me a surprise party. A lot of thought and planning went into it. Friends and family flew in from across the country.     I had no clue what she was up to, so when I walked in the back […]

Business Strategy: Is Yours the Right One?

I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about strategic planning lately. I guess when all hell is breaking loose, as it has been for many businesses of late, it becomes real easy to question the strategic direction of the company. When sales are falling or profits are eroding, when new ventures are struggling to gain […]

5 Topics for HR Strategic Planning

The following are five important topics to help you do strategic planning to improve your company’s HR functions and put those plans into action. Audit your policies and practices with the Employment Practices Self-Audit Workbook Planning to succeed The essence of strategic planning for any organization is (1) the identification of desired goals and objectives […]