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Strategic Planning in A Rapidly Changing World

In a time where disruption is around every corner, businesses and organizations need to be especially aware of how changes in technology, consumer preferences, and globalization affects their ability to be successful.strategic

Being aware of these changes isn’t even enough; you need to be equipped as an organization to make changes to your business model, your delivery, and your supply chain, so you don’t end up being a news headline of “another reactive company that moved too slowly.”

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In order to be proactive to those changes in the business environment, you can take advantage of strategic planning and strategic thinking to facilitate change and stay ahead of the curve.

How to apply strategic planning in your organization in four steps

  1. Figure out where you are now.
    • How did you get here?
    • What are you doing well and what are you doing less well?
    • What’s missing, and what’s an opportunity in the future?
  2. Where do we want to go?
    • Why do we want to go there?
    • What is winning?
    • Is that vision of the future in line with the rest of the management team and organization?
  3. What’s going to stand in our way?
    • What risks do we need to be aware of?
    • What do we need to adapt and change in order to thrive?
    • What trends are coming that we can prepare for?
  4. What do we need to do to get there?
    • What is our action plan to move forward?
    • How are we going to measure it?
    • What do we need to focus on to be successful?

By incorporating the most basic version of strategic planning within your organization you’ll be more prepared for threats and risks, and equally prepared for opportunities as they arise.

However, for this process to be successful you need to align and unite your entire organization in your strategic direction and create a way for your people to be brought into this future vision of success.

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Anthony TaylorAnthony Taylor is the Managing Partner and lead facilitator at SME Strategy Consulting. SME Strategy facilitates strategic planning meetings for organizations across North America, helping teams get better results from their strategic planning process.

Anthony is also the author of two books, one on entrepreneurship, and the other entitled: Alignment: How to get your people, strategy and culture on the same page, available May 5, 2017.