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4 Tips for Recruiting Internal Top Talent for Cross-Training

Recruiting top talent that’s already inside your organization for cross-training is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your existing staff loyal and engaged. Cross training is an important development tool, and it has the side benefit of building a pool of trained employees who can step in if there’s a sudden vacancy or […]

How to Develop a Stress-Free Company Culture (Part 1)

Businesses lose hundreds of billions annually in healthcare costs, missed workdays, and lost productivity due to stress employees experience in the workplace. According to one study, 52% of employees admit to calling in sick because they’re stressed out. And 60%–80% of accidents that occur on the job are due to distractions or sleepiness caused by […]


Creating Leadership Programs for Millennials

 Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, yet very few organizations create leadership programs for them.1 And as a result, around 40% of Millennials leave their jobs within the first 2 years to search for advancement opportunities elsewhere,2 costing businesses billions of dollars every year. Here’s how to create leadership programs […]

3 Ways to Make Your Webinar Training More Interactive

Webinars are a great way to connect with your employees and remote teams in real time. However, with technological innovations in the Internet age, the average attention span is getting shorter and shorter. There’s always something else out there competing for their attention, especially other video content.

Implementing a Workplace Bullying Policy

It may be surprising to many to hear that workplace bullying is a real phenomenon. It seems almost unthinkable in a professional setting to think of bullying behavior. And yet, according to HR Morning, “some researchers claim one in every three employees will experience bullying at work. And the experts say bullying costs businesses more […]

 Maximizing MOOCs for Employee Development

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your employees the opportunity to take free, online courses from renowned universities like Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and others? Courses on subjects ranging from negotiating contracts to high-performance computing–from marketing analytics to Ruby on Rails programming?

Should You Help Employees Make Friends in the Workplace?

The Gallup Q-12, a well-known employee engagement assessment tool, contains a question that has often given people pause: Question #10 asks, “Do you have a best friend at work”? While seemingly “odd,” the question is included for a good reason. Gallup research has correlated having a best friend in the workplace with higher rates of […]

Key Traits of Effective Workplace Coaches

In an article for Entrepreneur, Chris Haddon and Jason Balin note that many of us have coaches, mentors, or tutors growing up. Whether we play sports, play an instrument, take an in-depth dive into a specific academic field or just need some additional assistance with schoolwork, we often have someone taking a dedicated and focused […]