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Slipping and Sliding Through the Big Game and Workday

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles were scheduled to face off on the Biggest Stage, but it looked more like they were facing off on the Biggest Ice Rink. Both teams appeared to slip and slide across the nearly $800,000 turf, drawing significant media attention and criticism from fans about the field conditions. […]

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Addressing the ‘Super Bowl Syndrome’

The Super Bowl brings in millions and millions of dollars in ad revenues and attracts millions of viewers worldwide. It’s often considered the quintessential example of a major media event, and it suggests concepts of spectacle, championship, and mass consumerism. But many people may not think about how the Super Bowl impacts the workplace.

Training Exercises for Developing Servant Leaders–or Any Leaders

Servant leaders focus primarily on the growth and well-being of the employees they manage, as well as the communities to which they belong.1 They place emphasis on serving others and contributing to the overall success of groups. Here are some training exercises you can use to develop servant leaders in your organization:

Philly Off-Duty Employee Did WHAT? Some Tips So Employer Doesn’t Step in It, Too

For the first time since 1960, the Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions. Inspired play from backup quarterback Nick Foles and some gutsy moves from coach Doug Pederson propelled the Eagles past the favored Patriots in one of the better games I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m far from a Philly fan, but I […]

FMLA Leave: Tom Brady Plays Through the Pain–Why Can’t You?

It’s no-pain, no-gain for Tom Brady, but pressuring employees to work while injured may violate the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Love him or hate him, you have to give it to Tom Brady–the man is dedicated to his sport. Last week, he was called upon once again to play through the pain and […]

Leadership lessons from New England Patriots

by Dan Oswald Sunday night, the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in the greatest comeback in the Super Bowl’s 51-year history. None of us should have been surprised. The Patriots have had more success in this millennium than any of the other 31 teams in the NFL. Since head coach Bill Belichick and […]

Leadership Lessons from the Seahawks

by Lynda Silsbee The success of the Seattle Seahawks can teach business leaders a great deal about leadership, teamwork, and alignment. To demonstrate how, we present an article by Lynda Silsbee, SPHR, founder and principal consultant at Performance Dimensions Group, a boutique consulting group that provides the resources and skills to nurture organizations along the […]

New Employer Means New Tattoo

Tattooing your company’s name or logo on your body probably means the same thing as tattooing the name of a significant other—you face future risk if things don’t work out. Since most people are optimistic in both love and employment, such tattooing occurs all the time. However, one employee faced double jeopardy when he combined […]