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Using Core Competencies to Identify and Develop Your High Potential Leaders

Organizations of all sizes are starting to recognize the importance of identifying and developing high potential leaders who are critical to the achievement of strategic objectives. Also, most organizations use some type of leadership competency model for this purpose. However, most of these competency models are only loosely related to the organization’s strategic objectives, resulting […]

Future-Proof Your Organization with Talent Pools

by Joanne Wells, Manager, Learning Center of Excellence, Halogen Software Among the many factors threatening an organization’s future is the threat of suddenly facing critical vacancies and the subsequent disruption in leadership, business continuity, or special knowledge and skills unique to the organization. With looming retirements and the increasing propensity of talented employees to change […]


5 Tips for Building a Cutting-Edge Talent Development Program

By Sandy Pennington, chief people and process officer, Clinicient In 2013, 52% of employers stated that their top business challenge was hiring and retaining talent. As this business challenge shows no signs of letting up any time soon, companies must rethink their approach to talent management.

Four Ways Supply-Chain Thinking Refines Staffing

Yesterday’s Leadership Daily Advisor examined the growing prevalence of supply-chain wisdom in talent management and how the practice is enabling company leaders to better manage the ups and downs of staffing needs and business cycles. Today’s issue drills down into five traditional supply-and-demand concepts—and how they apply to workforce planning.

Apply Supply-Chain Tactics to Talent Management

The reason: As corporate leaders and business owners strive to better manage workforce planning for future competitiveness, the talent-on-demand idea is forming the basis of many more companies’ people analytics today.

Performance Matters—Creating Organizational Alignment: Strategy, Culture, and Talent

By Lynda Silsbee, CPT, SPHR After countless client projects involving strategy formulation and execution, I have learned many things—one of the most important being that having a strategic plan does not mean the strategy can or will be executed. Failure to execute the strategy is the reason strategy fails but the most important lesson is that […]

Vacancy Armor: Talent Pools

Just getting a talent pool put together might seem like a job well done. But there is more to do. Today, we’ll take a look at what to do next when dealing with high-potential employees (HiPos) and succession planning.