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Hiring on the Cutting Edge: No-Code Talent Acquisition Tools

For Fortune 500 companies, hiring is a constant process. A recent report summary from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed nearly 50,000 new jobs have been added to the market since January, and 84% of recruiters are in the process of adapting their hiring processes to facilitate new job openings.

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Instead of using dated, inefficient hiring methods, these companies use cloud-based talent acquisition solutions to help streamline hiring through job board integrations, talent sourcing, applicant tracking, scheduling automation, and hiring analytics. But recruiters and hiring managers aren’t developers. Most of them have had to rely on tech teams to build crucial features like career sites and complex analytics dashboards to track their hiring progress at various stages, slowing down the process.

Let’s look at how hiring teams can use no-code talent acquisition tools to build their career sites and attract the best hires.

What Are No-Code Tools?

No-code tools are built to enable nontechnical professionals to design and customize content, apps, webpages, and more without any assistance from a developer or an engineer. These tools exist across most industries and typically feature an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

How and Why Do Hiring Teams Use Such Tools?

Hiring teams use no-code talent acquisition tools as part of their daily work for multiple purposes. They can organize candidate pipelines, maintain more control over the hiring stages, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and create attractive company career sites.

A dynamic, attractive, and well-functioning career site can help streamline the flow of top-quality talent and give hiring teams more opportunity for company branding. On the flip side, a clunky site can chase excellent talent away. It can be seen by candidates as a reflection of unclear company culture and a lack of attention to detail. According to a LinkedIn survey of nearly 4,000 corporate talent acquisition leaders, 61% of participants agreed their company’s career site is the best channel to build an employer brand.

As open positions are constantly changing, it’s inconvenient for hiring teams to rely on developers to make frequent edits and updates to a career site—or to have a site in the first place. This is why no-code tools are an excellent way for hiring professionals to build a career site without the assistance of an engineering or a dev team. It’s an agile working process for the team—not to mention less time-consuming. And that ultimately makes the hiring process more cost-effective.

The Future of Hiring with No Code

By simplifying the technical aspects behind building an attractive career site and streamlining your hiring with no-code talent acquisition tools, more team members can be included in the hiring and recruitment process. The future of hiring is collaborative, and no-code platforms allow hiring teams, even the most traditional companies, to embrace tech as supportive rather than a hindrance.

These tools can save significant time and expense in the process of recruiting thousands of candidates, ultimately resulting in the efficient hiring of high-quality talent.

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