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Wellness—A Great Holiday Gift for Your Employees

The month and a half leading up to New Year’s is full of joy and celebration. But from stress and germs to distraction and overindulgence, it’s also fraught with hazards that can leave your employees ill, injured, or dispirited. Be sure that wellness at your company doesn’t fall by the wayside during the fun! Although […]

Is Strategic Thought a Part of Your Leadership Development?

Strategy is almost synonymous with leadership, but too often training and development for leadership roles focuses more on strategic planning than strategic thinking (yes, there’s a difference!). Read on for more on strategic thinking in training. “An increasing number of organizations are putting strategic thinking on their list of topics. It’s becoming a bigger priority, […]


Safety Training for Teenage Workers Hits the Classroom

Millions of teenagers are employed in the United States, and they are subject to the accompanying workplace hazards. So, in addition to math, social studies, and English, some students in grades 7 through 12 will participate in an interactive teaching module titled Safety Matters. Read on to find out who’s bringing the safety message into […]

Millions in OSHA Training Grants Will Benefit Small Business

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has awarded $10.5 million in 1-year federal safety and health training grants to 80 nonprofit organizations across the nation. The money will be used for education and training programs to help high-risk workers and their employers recognize serious workplace hazards, implement injury prevention measures, and understand their […]

Strategies for Healing Destructive Management

Yesterday’s Advisor presented the six symptoms of destructive management from Switch & Shift CEO and founder Shawn Murphy. Today, we present some of Murphy’s strategies for working towards a cure for these management woes. Murphy has 20 years’ experience working to cultivate optimism in workplace climates as both a Fortune 100 company insider and an […]

The Disease of Destructive Management—6 Symptoms to Look Out For

Destructive management is like a plague on a productive workplace—would you know the symptoms? In today’s Training Daily Advisor, we learn about the top signs that management is killing morale from Shawn Murphy, CEO and founder of Switch & Shift, an organization dedicated to the advancement of human-centered organizational practices and leadership. In many workplaces […]


The 5 Things Bosses Want to Hear from Employees

Yesterday’s Advisor featured four characteristics of great onboarding programs. Today we shift to leadership and take a look at a new study highlighting boss/employee relations—including five things that bosses wish their employees would tell them. Managers and leaders make contributions every day to ensure their employees’ success. Building a strong relationship with your supervisor is […]


4 Characteristics of a Great Onboarding Program

For today’s Advisor we have an article by Rickard Hansson, the founder and CEO of Incentive, a socially powered enterprise collaboration platform for mid-market companies and enterprise teams. Read on to learn about Hansson’s four essential qualities of an effective onboarding program. When it comes to new hires, orientation and onboarding are important for successfully […]