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Mitigating the Effects of Absenteeism

In a previous post, we discussed the findings of the second installment of Kronos’ Global Retail Absence survey, which analyzed responses from 800 retail managers across Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


The Vicious Cycle of Absenteeism and Employee Engagement

Even for very large companies, absenteeism among employees can be a big deal. But, for smaller organizations, where there are fewer people in a given position—perhaps only one person in a certain position—absenteeism can have a significant impact on productivity and customer service.


Standing Desks May Help Improve Employee Moods

Last month, we discussed criticisms surrounding claims that standing desks improve the health of users. Supporters of standing desks often point to studies that claim remaining seated for prolonged periods of time—as most office workers do—has negative impacts on our health.

Companies Take Steps to Counteract Labor Shortages

As labor markets continue to tighten, companies are pursuing additional strategies for recruiting untapped talent and retaining workers. So finds a new report by The Conference Board, a global business membership and research association.

Bringing HR into the 21st Century

By Morag Barrett Some of HR’s policies and practices (including training) seem a little dated by today’s standards. Today guest columnist Morag Barrett makes the case for why HR must be brought into the 21st century.

Cultural Considerations for Global Communications

Yesterday we addressed how to write English for a global audience. For example, using simpler sentences (no semicolons!), avoiding contractions, and writing in present tense are all good form. However, there are also cultural issues to recognize when sending communications internationally. Here are a few reminders:

Get Your Writing Global

Is your command of English good enough for readers outside the United States?  This may seem an odd question, but consider that, after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, English is the native language of a vast amount of people—many of whom are not from the United States.  Add in all nonnative English speakers and English is […]

Snapchat Is a Serious (but Fun!) Communications Tool

By Elise James-DeCruise Tech in training has given social learning a boost, and Snapchat can be embraced for this very purpose. For how to turn Snapchat into a serious communications tool (without all the seriousness), we present an article by Elise James-DeCruise, director of MediaMath’s educational institute, the New Marketing Institute.