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Spanish Government Wants to Stop Siestas!

Naps during the workday may soon be a no-no in Spain! Despite the historical precedence for a daily doze during the noontime heat, it was found that the practice actually made workers less productive after they snooze.


Will Robots End Employment as We Know It?

In shades of science fiction, an Australian professor (there always was a professor in those old sci-fi movies) has made a dire prediction—robots may end employment as we know it. Maybe HR staff in the future will be addressing circuits and batteries rather than comp and benefits. Will they need an oil can?

Listening to Music at Work Won’t Get You in Treble

Most retail workers know that listening to music on the job is a requirement, and for those who work at Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister, they are slightly deaf because of it! But what about most other jobs? Is it OK to listen to music then? According to a study, listening to music on the […]

Does Your Horrible Boss Hate You?

Results of the latest Find Employment Survey out of the United Kingdom show there is room for improvement in management/employee relations, especially since 39%) thinks that the boss dislikes him or her. Maybe it is due to the fact that: 3% of workers have been physically attacked by their boss. 6% of employees have been […]

Would You Take a Bullet for Your Boss?

A recent online survey of over 1,100 employees in the United Kingdom asked “Would you take a bullet for your boss?” Over 70 percent of respondents answered “No.” The survey was conducted for the website Bodyguard Services, and David Simmons, creator of the website, is not surprised that employees would not put themselves between a […]

Gamification Drives Engagement in Leadership Program

The DLA (www.deloitte.la) is a fully digital executive training program used by more than 10,000 senior executives at over 150 companies worldwide, including all Deloitte partners in Australia and the United Kingdom and some in the United States, Mexico, China, and Russia, says James Sanders, DLA manager. The self-paced program, which is offered both to […]