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Our Veterans Need More Volunteers to Raise Service Dogs: Here’s How Businesses Can Help

Countless veterans fighting PTSD and adapting to life with disabilities are currently on waiting lists for a service dog who could change – and quite possibly save – their lives. The lack of volunteers willing and able to take a puppy everywhere with them for 18 months has stretched wait times up to two years. […]

The Barriers that Exist for Job-Seeking Veterans and How to Eliminate Them

For military service members, transitioning to civilian life is riddled with challenges and finding a job is one of the leading obstacles. Job search struggles affect nearly 200,000 veterans every year, and only one in four veterans have a job lined up after leaving the armed forces, according to the Pew Research Center. Some of […]

Happy Veterans’ Day 2022

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served. Veterans represent 5.6% of today’s total civilian labor force, and they bring countless skills with them such as dedication, commitment, teamwork, and leadership. As we head into Veterans Day, we’ve collected our best articles that highlight the best practices […]

How to Create a Veteran-Friendly Workplace Year-Round

In honor of Veterans Day, companies across the United States are finding special opportunities to celebrate their veteran employees and show appreciation for their service to the country. While recognizing veterans with a day of celebration and reflection is necessary, it is also important for organizations to remember to provide support not just on November […]


Under USERRA, Right to Reinstatement in Former Position Not Absolute

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) provides employee members of the military services the right to reinstatement in the same position they left when they went on active duty. Problems can arise for employers, however, when changes in the workplace affect a servicemember’s job. A recent decision by the U.S. 8th Circuit […]


Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Employers that have remained open during the pandemic find themselves in a bit of an odd situation: Unemployment is high, but hiring is still tough.


Looking to Hire Veterans? Knock Down Barriers Hiding in Recruiting Practices

With Memorial Day coming up at the end of May, thoughts turn to honoring those who sacrificed their lives in military service. But it’s also a time to recognize the value former military servicemembers can bring to the civilian workforce. That starts with making sure traditional recruiting practices don’t present barriers to jobseekers coming from […]

How Can Employers Better Serve Veterans’ Needs?

Veterans Day is right around the corner (Sunday, November 11, to be exact), and what better way to celebrate it than to hire veterans to help fill your vacant roles! Here, we’ll look at the ways companies can improve their recruitment strategies for hiring this highly skilled talent pool.


Want to Hire Veterans? Help Them Be Better Jobseekers

Much has been said about the problems veterans have transitioning to civilian employment. It’s no wonder, according to a veteran whose civilian job involves linking new veterans with private sector employers. He explains that often the differences between military and civilian life make veterans “lousy jobseekers.”


Learn How Engaging U.S. Veterans Can Increase Your Company Brand Equity

You probably hear a lot about hiring veterans and the value they bring into the civilian workforce. There are hundreds of articles and studies written about it. In fact, there are even data that suggest how veterans are outperforming their civilian counterparts at work. There is good reason why some companies invest in hiring veterans. […]