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Hey, HR, Your Employees Are (Finally) Interested in Their Voluntary Benefits

Typically, employees think about their benefits two times: when they are first hired and the day before benefits elections are due. This year, however, things are very different. According to recent research from Voya Financial, 71% of employees plan to spend more time reviewing their voluntary benefits this year compared with last. The reason for […]


Voluntary Benefits Help Employees Fill the Healthcare Coverage Gap

In its inaugural “State of Employee Benefits 2016” report, Benefitfocus found companies are altering their healthcare plan design to shift greater financial responsibility to employees via voluntary benefits, driving the need for a different approach to healthcare consumption. These benefits can be powerful tools in helping cover the costs associated with consumer-driven health care, says […]

Voluntary Benefits: Low Cost, High Reward!

Voluntary benefits can have a very positive effect on recruiting and retention, and with little cost being shouldered by the employer. Steve L. Adams, an expert in the field of benefits and insurance, emphasizes that in order to reap the rewards of these offerings, you must be sure to implement them in a way that […]

Voluntary Benefits Offer Employees Guaranteed Insurability

Employees may think that they can’t afford a big policy, but it’s often a good idea to join the plan at the lowest level and cost, even if the policy is not large, says consultant Mike Miles. That gets your foot in the door and often ensures that you can “buy up” in the future […]

Voluntary Benefits: Some Say ‘Garbage’; Some Say, ‘Bargain’

Miles is vice president and senior employee benefits consultant at Gregory and Appel Insurance. During his presentation at a recent boot camp sponsored by BLR®, he was joined by colleague Janet McClure, vice president and worksite marketing team leader. What Are Voluntary Benefits? “Voluntary benefits” are generally insurance products sold to employees at work through […]

Voluntary Benefits: ‘Garbage’ Policies or Bargain Benefits?

While voluntary benefits are scoffed at by some as “garbage benefits that never pay,” such benefits may be very attractive to some employees and may help companies currently reviewing their benefits packages in light of the Affordable Care Act, says consultant Mike Miles. Miles is vice president and senior employee benefits consultant at Gregory and […]