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Scholarship Programs Help Develop Workers’ Skills

The Washington Hospitality Association, a membership organization serving the hospitality industry in Washington State, has announced that it is offering scholarships aimed at connecting workers with skills improvement classes designed especially for hospitality employees.

Just What the Doctor Ordered—Love Boat Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was enacted to help employees take leave for their own serious health conditions or to care for a close family member with a serious health condition. Although the intent of the law is good, abuse of FMLA does occur—and sometimes in some unique ways. Consider the case of […]

Yes, You Can Train in 10 Minutes!

All across the business world, long, meandering meetings are the most universally disparaged part of the day. However, some organizations have found success in beating the endless meeting … with mini-meetings they call “10-minute stand-ups.” Yesterday, we went over how the Washington State Department of Personnel (DOP), the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and Agile Software use […]

Can You Really Train in 10 Minutes?

What do the Washington State Department of Personnel (DOP), Agile Software, and the Ritz Carlton Hotels have in common? All use the “10-Minute Stand-Up”—a no-chairs-allowed daily meeting to beat the endless meeting syndrome. Washington State DOP At the Washington State DOP, the meetings take time—but not much—to: Recap the previous day’s results. Review plans for […]

Washington Could Be Seventh State to Allow Same-sex Marriage

Legislation is wending its way through both chambers of the Washington State legislature that if enacted would make Washington the seventh state where same-sex marriage is legal. It could happen: a sufficient number of Senators for passage in that chamber have said they would vote for it if it reaches the Senate floor, and Gov. […]