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Best Practices for Investigating Whether Your Employee Was Hurt at Work

When it comes to workplace injuries, many states provide specific guidance for reporting injuries by both employees and employers. As an employer, you must remember that to properly manage a workers’ compensation claim, you should report the injury as soon as your employee notifies you that it occurred and immediately start your investigation, especially if […]


Future Success Relies on the Ability to Adapt to New Strategies

When you think about the future of work, what comes to mind? Do you picture a room full of robots typing away at computers? (Actually, that sounds redundant when you consider the fact that computers are a form of robotics, but I digress.) Regardless of what you imagine the future of work will look like, […]


What Do Workers Really Want? New Survey Explains

A high-performing workforce is essential for any business to be successful. And while most companies strive to keep employees engaged and productive, it’s difficult to know which workplace factors will make a positive and sustainable impact. In order to attract candidates and motivate current employees, companies first need to know: What do workers want?


4 Reasons Why Hiring Assessments Are Vital During a Tight Labor Market

It’s no secret that we’re currently in a tight labor market. Our country’s unemployment rate is hovering near a 10-year low at 3.7%, and we continue to see job growth in nearly every industry every month. As Millennials become the largest generation in the labor market and more seasoned workers continue to retire, HR departments […]