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Employing Minors in Dangerous Jobs: A Bad Idea

Employers all over the country will soon be hiring summer workers, many of them minors. If you are an employer with jobs that the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has listed as hazardous to minors, then take note. One Atlanta employer has learned a hard lesson at the expense of a teenage worker’s life. The […]

Responding to This Week’s Job Loss Announcements

The HR Hero Line you are seeing today isn’t exactly what we had planned. But by noon on what is now being called “Bloody Monday,” we knew we needed to address the fallout from so many job cut announcements, which were then followed on Tuesday by possibly the worst unemployment report from the U.S. Bureau […]

Ways Employers Can Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs

The gloom of our current economic circumstances should inspire everyone to look for ways to cut costs and streamline operations. One place businesses can start might be the administration of their workers’ compensation program, where expenses can rapidly get out of hand if employers aren’t careful. Here’s a brief checklist of things to look for. […]

U.S. Supreme Court Issues 3 New Decisions

The first case, Meacham v. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, involved an employer’s decision to lay off 31 employees, 30 of whom were age 40 or older. The workers sued, claiming the layoffs had a disparate impact on older workers in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). The employer claimed it based its […]

Bush Orders Federal Contractors to Use E-Verify

Update: E-verify deadline moved to September 2009 On June 6, President George W. Bush issued an executive order requiring all federal government contractors to use E-Verify to verify the work authorization of all new hires and existing personnel assigned to perform work on future federal contracts. The amended Executive Order 12989 states: “Adherence to the […]